Some thoughts

Have  you ever wondered if your child is developing appropriately like his/her peers? Do you worry that he/she may be lacking some skills most children his/her age has already developed? Below are RED FLAGS used to gauge a child’s developmental status. 

Motor Delay

  • has poor head control by 3 months
  • has fisted hands beyond 4 months
  • is unable to hold objects by 7 months
  • does not sit independently by 10 months
  • cannot stand on one leg by 3 years

Language Delay

  • does not turn to sound by 6 months
  • does not babble or use gestures by 12 months
  • speaks no single words by 16 months
  • speaks no 2-word phrases by 2 years
  • speaks no 3-word sentences by 3 years

Psychosocial Delay

  • has no social smile by 3 months
  • does not laugh in playful situations by 6 months
  • hard to console and stiffens when approached by 1 year
  • resists discipline and in constant motion
  • does not play with other children at 3 years

Cognitive Delay

  • is not alert to mother by 2 months
  • does not search for dropped objects by 6 months
  • has no object permanence by 12 months
  • has no interest in cause-and-effect games by 18 months
  • does not categorize similarities by 2 years
  • does not know full name by 3 years
  • cannot count sequentially by 4 1/2 years
  • does not know letters or colors by 5 years
  • does not know own birthday or address by 5 1/2 years

School Childrren

  • is slow to remember facts
  • is slow to learn new skills
  • has poor coordination and is prone to accidents
  • is awkward or clumsy and has trouble with fine motors


Source: Preventive Pediatric Health Care Handbook (an official publication of Philippine Pediatric Society)